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Motorsport - The vintage race car magazine

Vintage Motorsport Magazine

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Sports Car Digest

General Interest Links
A wonderful racing website that spans the 50s to current vintage racing.

Autosport--The Nostalgia Forum
Everything to do with anything about racing---ever:
Vintage Race Rules

Terrific Stuff
Terrific Stuff---Old racing books, videos, posters, etc

Old Racing—Doing some historical research? Old Racing Cars is the answer.

Photos, Film, Etc.
Steven Cabana is a fixture at our races and a nice guy as well.

The Henry Ford Collection
The Henry Ford---a wonderful, boundless collection of photos.
Doug Nye's Superb Video Collection
British Pathé---a great sources for old photos & films
A great race car photo site, including some nice vintage stuff.
Peter Darnall does things with racing photography that are outstanding.
Kyle Burt Photography Kyle is the ultimate, rabid race car photographer & a good friend of CSRG. or
Scott is a well-known CSRG competitor & phenomenal graphics artist. The Bellamoto site is done in conjunction with Kyle Burt

Dennis Gray Photographer

Michael Accorsi specializes in motorsports & high end film projects. Capture your next race with a professional video that you can treasure for years.
Phone: 408-656-5934

Race & Street Car Listings
An essential site for those shopping for race cars

Ebay Race Cars
Ebay Motors—Dragsters & Stock Cars for the most part, but there are occasional nuggets to be found.
Bring a Trailer---this site could make a flood-damaged Trabant look intriguing.

Car Club Links—Production-Based & Race Cars

Alfa Romeo Owners Club
Alfa Romeo Owners Club

Austin Healey:
Austin Healey Club of America

Bobsy Registry

Brabham Registry

Northern California Corvette Association:
Northern California Corvette Association

Crossle Car Company

Elva Owners Club
Elva OC

Formula Junior Historic Racing Association
Formula Junior HRA

Lola Registry:

Golden Gate Lotus Club—lots of additional Lotus links on its Home page:
Golden Gate Lotus Club

Merlyn Registry
Merlyn Cars

MG Club of Northern California:
MG of Northern California

Morgan Sports Car Club
Morgan SCC

Porsche Club of America
Porsche Club of America

Royale Race Cars

Titan race cars:

Vintage Triumph Register

The Triumph Experience

Winkelmann-Palliser Registry:
Winkelmann Palliser Registry